Review : Sinister 2 (2015)

Sinister 2 was directed by Ciaran Foy and released in 2015. The sequel to Sinister tells the story of a mother and her twin boys who move into a farm to escape the abusive father. A terrible massacre happened in the church next to the house. Deputy So & So (who assisted Ellison Oswalt in the first movie) continues Ellison’s investigation and ends up meeting the family and tries to protect them while attempting to put a stop to Bughuul’s death trail.

Sinister 2 is nothing like its predecessor and fails in its attempt to recreate what made the first installment such an efficient horror thriller.

Everything is laid out for the viewer and the movie shows too much so there is no real sense of mystery. Sinister 2 relies entirely on jump scares when the first movie succeeded in creating a creepy atmosphere. Furthermore, the horror elements seemed secondary to the family drama. The investigation is not nearly as interesting and immersive as in the first movie because there is no sense of wonder.

However, showing the ghost children and the boogeyman through reflections on screens and glass was a good visual choice and it works well. Unfortunately, the ghosts are not scary at all so it is difficult to fear for the main characters when the threat is not believable.

The characters are stereotypical and cliché and the ending was predictable, with only the unlikable characters being in real danger.

To conclude, Sinister 2 is an unnecessary sequel which fails at recreating what made Sinister such a great horror thriller.


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