Review : The Collector (2009)

In my mind, the best way to describe The Collector is as follows: imagine if Kevin McAllister, from Home Alone, grew up to become a sadistic serial killer.

The Collector is brought to us by the screenwriters responsible for some of the Saw sequels. I am not into torture porn and have little interest in movies similar to Saw, so this tagline didn’t particularly appeal to me. However, I decided to watch the movie based on its synopsis.

To repay a debt, Arkin plots to rob his employer’s home. What should have been a simple robbery   soon becomes a sadistic chasing game as another, more vicious, criminal has invaded the home. Not to steal, but to torture and kill.   The plot is rather simple but quite effective.

Of course, there are a lot of similarities with the Saw franchise, right down to the atmosphere of the movie. You will find plenty of blood and gore here. Most notably, the biggest common element is the deadly traps. The Collector, just like The Jigsaw Killer, likes to have his fun using torturous devices. But instead of bringing his victims to his own playground, The Collector brings the horror to their homes. In my opinion, home invasions make the scarier movies as being unsafe in your own home is an abominable thought. The traps are rather original and will make you cringe every time.

The strength of The Collector is its main character: Arkin, played by Josh Stewart. He is flawed but likeable, a criminal with a good heart. Without too much development, he is more relatable than most cliché horror movie characters (has anyone ever cared about a dumb cheerleader being axed?).

As for the killer, he is pretty generic and not memorable. He is a traditional masked killer with nothing original in his design. His motives are never explained nor the reasoning behind bringing his last victim to his new crime scene.

Overall, The Collector is a decent horror movie with good performances. I enjoyed it more than other movies categorized as torture porn.


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