Review : Below Zero (2011)

Below Zero was directed by Justin Thomas Ostensen and stars Edward Furlong and Michael Berryman. The film, released in 2011, is about Jack, a screenwriter facing writer’s block who decides to voluntarily get locked inside a meat freezer, the location of his script, to find inspiration.

The movie is average and inconsistant both in its cinematography and writing. There are a few good shots, but not enough to elevate the film above average. Below Zero’s biggest problem is in its writing. It tries to be both a horror movie and a psychological thriller to the point where it fails at being either. Though the back and forth between the story being written and the reality of the film was interesting, it feels as if the director is unsure of where the movie is going.

Below Zero is a good concept with a bad implementation. The line between reality and fiction blurs more and more but it ends up making no sense. Thus, the ending feels forced and the radical change in the main character’s behavior seems to come out of nowhere. It is also worth noting that Edward Furlong doesn’t give his best performance in this film.

To conclude, Below Zero is a disappointing film which, despite a very interesting story, fails at delivering a thrilling experience. It is worth watching but you will forget it as soon as you turn off the TV !


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