Review : Hatchet (2006)

Hatchet, directed by Adam Green and released in 2006 is a delightful throwback to the 80’s slashers the majority of us horror fans enjoy so much. The story of Hatchet takes place in New Orleans. A swamp is supposedly haunted by Victor Crowley, a deformed monster who was accidently killed as a child. A group of tourists goes on a boat tour and quickly finds out that the local legend is true.

Hatchet has all the ingredients of the classic slashers, including a redneck warning the characters they are going to die. The movie is very enjoyable, full of over-the-top gore and dark humour. The swamp is a great location for a horror movie and the entire cast gives good performances. The characters are annoying enough so their deaths are satisfying but not too annoying to make them unlikable.

The plot is simple but satisfying and Victor Crowley is a great horror icon. Kane Hodder has the physicality and charisma to bring such characters to life and it was also a nice touch to have him play Victor’s father as well.

Adam Green’s love for the genre is very apparent in the film and using practical effects made this comedic slasher an even more enjoyable gorefest. It is an homage to slashers such as Friday The 13Th and the kills are really inventive.

Hatchet is a both a great slasher and a fun comedy which I highly recommend for any horror fan.


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