Review : Hatchet 2 (2010)

Hatchet 2, directed by Adam Green and released in 2010 is the first sequel to the excellent Hatchet in which Danielle Harris is now portraying Marybeth.

Hatchet 2 starts right where the first movie ended. Marybeth is the only survivor of the massacre that took place the previous night at the hands of Victor Crowley, the disfigured monster haunting the swamp. Marybeth manages to escape and goes back in town to find Reverend Zombie, the owner of the tour boat company, seeking his help to finally kill Victor Crowley and retrieve the bodies of her father and brother, murdered by Crowley some time before the events of the first film. They venture into the haunted swamp once again, this time with a group of local hunters.

Hatchet 2 is not the kind of sequel which simply regurgitates its predecessor without adding anything new. It expands the story established in the first installment and explores the characters’ backstory. In that regard, Hatchet 2 is a worthy and necessary sequel. I especially liked the fact that we are given a lot more details about Victor Crowley’s origins. Though a bit silly, it does give sense to the motives of the monster’s killing spree and is actually a touching story of a father who loved and cared for his son despite his deformity.

Hatchet 2 feels a bit more like a low-budget slasher in comparison to the first movie but it adds a certain degree of reality and brutality to an already gruesome gorefest. And like its predecessor, Hatchet 2 is full of humour and is a great horror comedy.

Finally, though Tamara Feldman did a good job in Hatchet, casting Danielle Harris was an excellent choice. She was born to play horror movie characters, and has been ever since she was a child, running from Michael Myers in Halloween 4 ! She is definitely one of the best at portraying badass female characters in horror movies.

If you enjoyed the first movie, I highly recommend Hatchet 2 as it is just as good and provides more insight into Victor Crowley’s story while remaining gory and funny.


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