Review : Hatchet 3 (2013)

Hatchet 3 was released in 2013 and is the first film in the series that was not directed by Adam Green, who wrote and produced it. The movie once again starts where the previous one ended. After showing up in a police station covered in blood, Marybeth is incarcerated while the police and a SWAT team venture into the swamp to pick up the pieces. They are, of course, greeted by Victor Crowley as the massacre continues !

While Hatchet 3 is fast-paced and fun, it is not as good as the first two movies in the franchise. Yet, it is action-packed, full of energy and as bloody as expected. The editing of the kills is very well done and full of rhythm and energy. I also really enjoyed that they brought back Parry Shen once more to play yet another character. Danielle Harris reprises her role as Marybeth and is still excellent in this final installment joined by new cast members like Derek Mears.

Some might argue that this third film utilizes the exact same recipe as the first two but it works and is still efficient and fun. It does have a different tone than Hatchet 2, spending less time on Victor Crowley’s backstory to focus on the action and the gore. Crowley is still played by Kane Hodder who is simply amazing at bringing this monster to life. No one can express emotions and agressivity through layers of make-up like he does.

To conclude, I recommend Hatchet 3 which is a good conclusion to the franchise. It is more action-oriented than its predecessors but remains just as gory and fun.





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