Review : Ghoulies 2 (1988)

Ghoulies 2, directed by Albert Band, was released 3 years after the original film.

“Satan’s Den” has received its final warning; either the not-so-creepy House of Horrors spooks-up its act and scares some customers fast or its gateway to hell will be closed for eternity. Just when Larry and his uncle Ned think there’s not a ghost of a chance that they’ll save their show, they get some uninvited visitors to spice things up. The Ghoulies make “Satan’s Den” their home and profits soar as the demonic little creatures wreak havoc on the helpless fairgrounds.

Ghoulies 2 has a different tone than the first installment. It is more oriented towards comedy and is centered on the ghoulies themselves, which are the only real link to the first movie. Unfortunately, the film spends too much time on characters when their only purpose is to be killed off by the little creatures.

However, one major positive change in Ghoulies 2 is the creatures. Their design has been improved and the animation is better and smoother than in the first movie. Their movements are more realistic and the addition of stop-motion sequences was a huge improvement. Setting the action in a carnival and especially in a house of horrors was a very good choice as it is a great location for the ghoulies’ carnage to take place.

Though not as good as the first one, Ghoulies 2 is still a decent B-movie. All the fun happens in the third act of the film, which finally includes the famous toilet scene depicted on the original poster of Ghoulies.


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