Review : Puppet Master 3 (1991)

Full Moon Features doesn’t waste time as this new sequel was released in 1991, only one year after Puppet Master 2. It was directed by David DeCoteau and written by David Schmoeller, who directed the first Puppet Master.

During World War 2, the Nazis become aware of Toulon’s puppets and send the Gestapo to kidnap them and use the puppeteer’s secret for their own evil plans. During the assault, Toulon’s wife is killed and the puppet master is taken away. But the demonic puppets save their master, who starts planning his revenge.

Puppet Master 3 : Toulon’s Revenge starts with a chronological error : this prequel takes place in 1941 when, as seen in the first film’s opening sequence, André Toulon committed suicide in 1939. However, this mistake is quickly forgiven as this third installment is so much better than its predecessors and is overall very entertaining.

Unlike the previous films, which consisted of boring characters wandering around a hotel and getting killed by puppets, Puppet Master 3 has actual character development and a well constructed plot. The backstory of Toulon and the puppets is very interesting and the acting has improved, making the film much more enjoyable.

Once again, a new puppet is introduced and I love the fact that they seem to do that with every new entry in the franchise. Six Shooter is a cow-boy with an evil grin, six arms and as many guns. We also witness the creation of Leech Woman, who is the one puppet that genuinely creeps me out whenever she does her thing on screen. And as an added bonus, we also get to see the birth of one of my favourite puppets : Blade.

Though the novelty wore off, the puppets are still extremely entertaining. There is more action and less dull moments. Each installment is better than the last and Puppet Master 3 is, by far, the best of the first three films !


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