Review : Puppet Master 5 (1994)

Puppet Master 5, directed by Jeff Durr and released in 1994, was shot back-to-back with Puppet Master 4 and is a direct sequel to this last intallment.

A greedy doctor is after the puppet master’s secrets in hope of getting rich by selling the puppets to the military. But this is not the only menace the puppets have to face this time. Sutec, the egyptian demon, is still determined to obtain the magic which animates the puppets.

Puppet Master 5 is a direct continuation of Puppet Master 4 and is so similar, it feels like watching the same movie again. The plot is basically the same : the puppets help the hero, Rick, fight off Sutec’s little demonic minions and they end up re-animating Decapitron…again. The movie spends too much time in the beginning focusing on the events of the previous film through a montage in which they use footage from Puppet Master 4 with a voiceover. This sequence is way too long and though it is well made, they should have shortened it.

The movie recycles too many elements from the previous entries in the franchise and is overall very repetitive and underwhelming. Imagine if Puppet Master 2 and Puppet Master 4 had a baby and the result is Puppet Master 5 !

I still do not understand this sudden need (introduced in the previous film) to reedeem the puppets by making them the good guys. They were more fun when they were evil and the franchise loses a bit of its appeal if the puppets are not doing evil deeds.

The other dimension, with the demon, still doesn’t work for me. I also find this new aspect of the story unnecessary. However, as I have stated for every single entry in the Puppet Master franchise so far, the animation is still top notch and keeps improving with every film. David Allen does a fantastic job and all the scenes involving the puppets are highly entertaining.

To conclude, Puppet Master 5 is not as fun nor as interesting as the previous films and is way too similar to Puppet Paster 4 to be an enjoyable watch.


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