Review : Black Sheep (2006)

Black Sheep is an independent horror comedy from New Zealand, directed by Jonathan King and released in 2006. In New Zealand, Harry and Angus, two brothers, are growing up in a farm until their father’s accidental death. A traumatic experience has also left Harry with an irrational fear of sheep. Fifteen years later, Angus is running the family farm while Harry is living in the city, still dealing with his phobia. He comes back to the farm to sell his share to his brother and soon finds out about experiments being conducted to breed genetically engineered sheep. Animal activits, while trying to expose Angus’ projects, accidentally release a sheep embryo who bites one of them and starts spreading an infection which rapidly turns the harmless sheep into ruthless predators hungry for human flesh. Harry’s worst nightmare becomes a reality as he must face his fear and put an end to his brother’s plans.


Black Sheep is a great horror comedy which balances thrills and laughs really well. The film doesn’t take itself seriously and is a blast to watch. They manage to take an animal that has no scare factor to begin with and turn them into frightening bloodthirsty creatures.

The opening sequence gives a useful backstory which provides information crucial to the characters’ development without dragging for too long. Short and efficient. For an indie horror comedy, I found the plot, while unoriginal, well constructed. The special effects are also very good and there’s plenty of gore which should please any horror fan.

Black Sheep’s biggest quality is the acting. I especially loved how the actors manage to deliver silly and corny lines in a natural and serious manner thus adding to the comedy. Some lines could be cringe-worthy but they are so well integrated into the dialogue that they become extremely funny. The casting director did an excellent job as the cast delivers absurd lines of dialogue in the most entertaining way.

Black Sheep is an absolute watch. It is absurd, highly entertaining and to be recommended.


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