Review : Jaws 3 (1983)

Jaws 3-D, directed by Joe Alves and released in the summer of 1983, has a very interesting production story. It was first conveived as a parody entitled Jaws 3 – People 0 but the project was (unfortunately) dropped by the studio in favor of a traditional sequel.

Several years after the events of the previous film, Mike Brody (the son of Chief Brody) is now all grown up and working at Sea World, in Florida. His brother, Sean, visits him while the park is preparing for the opening of a new underwater attraction. When a great white shark show up and eventually dies after being captured, the nightmare begins as its mother finds its way into Sea World.

This third installment in the franchise is not as good as the previous entries from a production standpoint but it is way more interesting than Jaws 2. Jaws 3-D falls into the category of so-bad-it’s-good movies and as such, it is highly entertaning and fun. The film is meant to be watched in 3-D but the inability to watch it as it was intended (at least, if you don’t own the newly released blu-ray edition) actually adds to the overall sillyness. The majority of the action and underwater scenes are specifically designed for 3-D so watching them in 2-D makes them appear even worse than they should. Is it a negative aspect ? Absolutely not ! I really enjoyed watching those 3-D scenes in 2-D, they are silly and very amusing. The most notable one is the famous scene in which the shark smashes through a window, it’s hilarious and you should definitely check it out !

The shark never looked good in the Jaws films but here, not only has it never looked this bad, it is an highly improbable creature. Nothing about this shark makes any sense, espcially its size : it is more a sea monster than a shark. However, without the decision to make the shark this gigantic, we wouldn’t have the most amazing kill of Jaws 3-D. I won’t say more not to spoil anything but you are in for a treat !

But Jaws 3-D shouldn’t be minimized to its so-bad-it’s-good features because it does have some qualities. First, setting the action of the film in Sea World was a great idea. Unlike Jaws 2, it doesn’t feel like watching the original again, this sequel actually tries to be its own movie and I really enjoyed that. Though, one question remains : did Sea World actually think that endorsing a film in which a shark penetrates into the park and kills people would be a good way to promote their brand ?

The characters are also very likable in Jaws 3-D, unlike the annoying teenagers of the previous film. The relationship between the Brody brothers was pleasant to watch, they seemed to get along as real brothers and they are both nice guys.

Though there is not enough shark action, Jaws 3-D is a very entertaining, cheesy, silly, fun movie and I enjoyed it more than Jaws 2. Though it is not a good movie, I cannot give it a low rating for the mere fact that I really enjoyed it and I see myself watching it again at some point. Give Jaws 3-D a chance, you will have a lot of fun !


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