Review : Inside (2007)

It is Christmas Eve. Sarah, recently widowed, is pregnant and awaiting her ride to get her to the hospital to give birth to her child. In the middle of the night, a mysterious woman knocks on her door…and seems to know a lot about Sarah. This is the beginning of a nightmarish and bloody evening as Sarah fights for her life, trying to escape this woman who loves to play with scissors and only has one idea in mind : get Sarah’s baby…no matter how !

Everything about Inside is extreme : the story, the characters…and the amount of blood. I think the effects guy got a discount on fake blood and decided to use as much as he possibly could. But this is not a bad thing. With such an amount of blood and gore, it is difficult not to cross the fine line that can turn an extreme film into a cheesy film. Inside is never cheesy, and the gore and blood actually helps tell the story. The cinematography is also very good and there a lot of great shots, especially of La Femme before she penetrates into Sarah’s home.

Inside is filled with tension and has a great unnerving atmosphere. The build-up of the tension is done perfectly : it is not too slow nor too fast. You gradually get more tense until the action begins and the thrills don’t end until the credits start rolling. I particularly loved (and was terrified by) the reveal of La Femme when she finally enters the house. I don’t want to detail that scene in this review as I believe you should experience it yourself.  A majority of the scenes will make you cringe and I am quite certain some of them will be watched through your fingers, while you cover your eyes ! I am a horror geek so I am used to violence, blood, gore etc…Inside is one of those rare movies that still gets to me and scares me despite having seen quite a few horrific films.

More than the bloody scenes, what is terrifying about Inside is the story and the characters. This is a the story of a woman who wants to take a baby out of another woman’s belly. Writing that sentence alone sends chills down my spine. Inside is about motherhood and we get two different portraits of very different women. Sarah is not a bad mother but you can feel her resentment for her unborn child, who is a constant reminder of the tragic loss of her husband. It is hard to blame her as she is grieving the death of the love of her life. On the other hand, as insane as she is, La Femme’s motivation is, in essence, understandable as well. Both women ultimately want the same thing : Sarah doesn’t want this child (as shown by the fact that the baby’s room is not ready just hours before the birth is scheduled) and La Femme wants Sarah’s child. I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible  in my reviews so I will not write further about this but just note that there is more than meets the eyes : Inside is not a mindless bloodfest, it has an interesting story and developed characters.

Every aspect of Inside is brutal and it does give meaning to the word “extreme”. But the film is not just extreme, it is also…extremely well made ! I highly recommend Inside but be careful if you have a weak stomach. This is the film I recommend every time someone asks me which French Horror film they should watch first.


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