My Arrow Video Collection

Collecting physical media has evolved in recent years. Nowadays, collectors not only focus on the films themselves but also on specific distributors. We all have favorite labels and Arrow Video is definitely at the top of my list. I only started collecting from this label recently so my current collection is rather small. However, I greatly enjoy adding new titles regularly. The focus of this particular article, which will be updated through time, is to keep a catalog of my current Arrow Video collection as well as titles I have on pre-order.


 ▪️ Update : June 2017 ▪️

  1. The Beast Within | Amaray Edition | More details
  2. Blood Bath | Boxset | More details
  3. Blood Rage | Limited Edition Slipcase  | More details
  4. Brain Damage | Limited Edition Slipcase | More details
  5. Bride Of Re-Animator | Boxset  | More details
  6. The Burbs | Amaray Edition | More details
  7. The Burning | Amaray Edition More details
  8. Class Of Nuke ‘Em High | Amaray Edition | More details
  9. The Comedy Of Terrors | Amaray Edition | More details
  10. Contamination | Amaray Edition | More details
  11. Dead-End Drive-In | Amaray Edition | More details
  12. Deep Red | Amaray Edition | More details
  13. Donnie Darko | Boxset | More details
  14. Evil Ed | Amaray Edition | More details
  15. The Fall Of The House Of Usher | Amaray Edition | More details
  16. The Guyver | Limited Edition Slipcase | More details
  17. Hell Comes To Frogtown | Amaray Edition | More details
  18. The Hills Have Eyes | Boxset | More details
  19. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers | Amaray Edition | More details
  20. Madman | Amaray Edition | More details
  21. Matinee | Amaray Edition | More details
  22. The Mutilator | Amaray Edition | More details
  23. Night Of The Comet | Amaray Edition | More details
  24. The People Under The Stairs | Amaray Edition | More details
  25. Phantasm 1-5| Limited Edition Boxset  | More Details
  26. Return Of The Killer Tomatoes | Amaray Edition | More details
  27. Satan’s Blade | Amaray Edition | More details
  28. Society | Amaray Edition | More details
  29. The Stuff | Amaray Edition | More details

5 thoughts on “My Arrow Video Collection

  1. Your arrow collection keeps growing, how’s the burbs? i’m a 80s movie geek but i still haven’t see that movie, and what about the invasion of the body snatchers? is it worth it to buy the arrow release?
    anyway, you don’t know me, but i used to comment on some of your videos on youtube, guess you got tired of doing videos, anyway, good to see you’re not vanish and that you’re still “here” somehow 😉


    • Hi ! I highly recommend The Burbs, it’s a great comedy, I loved it ! I honestly don’t remember much of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I definitely need to re-watch sometime and possibly review it. My biased opinion is that any Arrow release is worth it LOL Indeed, I deleted my youtube channel but I might make a few videos here and there, I actually have a couple of ideas but nothing to the extent of my previous channel. First, I need to get back into writing for the site 🙂


  2. Hello 😉
    i guess i’m gonna watch the burbs soon, hope to find the arrow release i’ve also seen there are two version, one on steelbook and love it.


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