The Walking Dead : Action Figures Collection

My small collection of The Walking Dead action figures from McFarlane. Though I don’t really collect action figures anymore, there are still a few more I would like to purchase to complete my set. The figures I want to add to the collection the most are Negan and Ezekiel & Shiva.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead : Action Figures Collection

  1. not much of a fan of Walking Dead, i’ve watched until i guess was the 5th season, when they arrived to the camp and Glenn was still alive, anyway, i don’t have any idea who are Shiva, and Negan, lol, but impressive collection, i just collect funko pop, but these are beautiful, love especially Daryl and Michonne!


    • I’m a big fan of the comics and the show used to be great. I still watch it and love it to some extent but it definitely has gone downhill in the past couple of years. I wrote a little article explaining my disappointment with the show if you’re interested. I never got into collecting Funko Pop but I do find them really cool. Do you collect a bit of everything or specific lines ?


      • I love comics but i never read the walking dead ’cause there are like 100 volumes and it’s a bit hard to catch up 😉 i watched the show at the very beginning and it never impressed me but i always loved the cliffhanger on the seasons finale so i was always coming back because i was hooked and interested in see what was coming, i stopped caring to the cliffhangers on season 5, i read some spoilers now and then, so i know that Glenn is dead, and this Negan person is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan…anyway i know what you mean about having hight expectation and be disappointed all the time, have you ever seen the Fear of the walking dead? always wanted to catch up but i’ve heard so many bad reviews that i stopped before watching any episode.
        I don’t have specific lines, collect what i really like, and find it very similar to the character, have a bit of movie characters and tv show character, i really love to buy the Harry, Hermione and Ron one of Harry Potter.


      • I watched the very first episode of Fear The Walking and decided not to continue (it was really really bad) ! The comics are easy to catch up on because you can’t stopd reading once you start 😀 The HP Funko are the best ones in my opinion…yet again, anything related to Harry Potter is automatically awesome !!


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