CBT #002 | Thomas & Friends | 1×03

Episode Title : The Sad Story of Henry | Airing Date : October 12th, 1984

Synopsis : Henry doesn’t want to risk his colors being ruined by water, so refuses to leave the tunnel he enters on a trip. But he may end up being there longer than he wants since he’s blocked in to prevent accidents.

This episode is quite shocking since we become witnesses to the most disproportionate form of punishment ever. Henry doesn’t want to come out of a tunnel once it starts raining because he doesn’t want the rain to spoil his paint. 

Capture d_écran 2017-07-15 à 22.00.47

The drivers and the passengers try to pull him out and push him out but nothing will make the engine come out of the tunnel. Thomas even tries to help, but Henry will just not move. You see, Henry is vain and apparently, a few drops or rain is a valid excuse not to do his job (try that with your boss and see if you can get out of work).

Capture d_écran 2017-07-15 à 22.04.27

The Fat Controller (a.k.a The Big Boss, a.k.a The Dictator) doesn’t help because he keeps repeating that his doctor told him not to do any physical effort (you know, it’d be a shame to exercise a bit and lose some of his fat). So, after everything fails, the Fat Controller decides to punish Henry for his bad behavior…He decides that the reasonable thing to do is…to prevent Henry from ever leaving the tunnel by building a wall !

Capture d_écran 2017-07-14 à 23.22.29

Henry is put in jail for being vain. Actually, he is buried alive ! This is torture and a disproportionate punishment. They even make sure he can still see the other engines while being stuck there because, you know, what’s physical torture when you can add psychological torment to the mix. The worst part is, Henry is still imprisoned when the episode ends, letting us believe that he is going to be stuck there forever. This is like eternal damnation !

Capture d_écran 2017-07-14 à 23.24.16

Disclaimer – None of the comments made in this article are too be taken seriously. This is, obviously, an exaggeration meant to be humorous. 


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