Review : Amityville : The Awakening (2017)

Amityville : The Awakening, directed by Franz Khalfoun, is presented as a revival of the Amityville franchise. A mother and her three children (two daughters and a son who is in a coma) move into the infamous Amityville house. Soon enough (and as expected) strange events occur as the son inexplicably seems to recover.

Before watching the film, I had mostly read negative reviews about it. I was pleasantly surprised when the film turned out to be an interesting take on the Amityville story. The main character, Belle (the older daughter and twin sister to the comatose son), isn’t aware that she lives into the infamous Amityville house. She slowly finds out about the horror that took place in the house as her new friends give her information and make her watch the first Amityville Horror film. Now, this was a bit of an issue for me because they acknowledge the original events as real but present the book and the film as fictional (since they are watching it on DVD). This is a minor nitpick and it won’t take you out of the film but still needed to be addressed.

Amityville : The Awakening is a generic horror film but, without being groundbreaking, it does the job well. Given the quality (or lack of) of the Amityville sequels, this is definitely the most interesting entry in the franchise. What is particularly gripping is the family drama at the center of the story. Belle and her mother drifted apart and don’t get along, most likely since James’ accident. Furthermore, Belle takes care of her younger sister since the mother is (rightfully so) so focused on James, her comatose son. It is hard to blame any of the characters for their behavior, whether you agree with them or not, because they each suffer without acknowledging each other’s pain, as it happens so often in real life.

The horror elements are the usual ones you would expect to find in a film like Amityville : The Awakening such as jump scares, strange noises and so on. However, I thought they didn’t overuse those techniques so they didn’t become an annoyance and served the story well. The film is well made, the actors give convincing performances and the story was very interesting given how cliché it could have been, being based on such a well-known story.

I do recommend Amityville : The Awakening. It may not me a great horror film but it is quite enjoyable and filled with interesting ideas. 




One thought on “Review : Amityville : The Awakening (2017)

  1. i think i might have some problems with Bella Thorne, i don’t know what it is but i end up watching a lot of movies with her on it and i never liked one, lol, i have to admit that i’m not too familiar with the Amityville saga but i thought it wasn’t scary at all and very similar to a lot of the early 2000 horror movies, still want to watch the entire saga though.


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