Review : Day of the Dead : Bloodline (2018)

Day of the Dead : Bloodline, directed by Hector Hernandez Vicens and released in January 2018, presents itself as a remake of Georges Romero’s Day of the Dead. Not only does Bloodline fails at retelling this particular story, it also fails as a movie altogether.

The opening scene shows a young woman walking in the street in the middle of a zombie outbreak. We are then taken back four days earlier never to return to the events of the opening scene. Our main character is a medical student named Zoe. After dealing with a patient, a creep obsessed with her to the point of carving her name on his arm, Zoe goes to a party with her fellow students. During the party, Max, the creepy patient, attempts to rape Zoe in the morgue but is stopped by a corpse coming back to life and attacking him thus starting the zombie outbreak. Then, the “hommage” to Romero’s Day of the Dead begins as we jump one year ahead in a military compound where military and civilian survivors have established camp.

This movie can hardly be qualified as a remake of Day of the Dead as it only relates to the original with two elements : the military compound and a zombie showing signs of intelligence. I’ll write more about the latter as it is what I hated the most about Bloodline. Now, I’m not a purist when it comes to zombies : I don’t always need my zombie flicks to have an intelligent underlying social commentary. All I ask for is decent characters, a good story, decent effects and zombies who behave like zombies. Out of these criteria, all that Bloodline delivers is good gore ans decent make-up.

All the characters (and I do mean ALL of them) are morons portrayed by terrible actors. Watching Bloodline consists in watching characters you don’t care about make the dumbest decisions possible to advance a plot as thin as paper. The majority of the scenes is cringe-worthy and you’ll roll your eyes at the characters’ stupidity. For instance, Zoe, the main girl, is responsible for the deaths of several characters…because she wanted to retrieve personal photos. Not to mention the absurdity of the plot conveniences.

Now, my biggest problem with Bloodline was the zombies which I am not even sure I can describe as zombies. Max is supposed to be this film’s version of Bub. Remember how great of a character Bub was ? You’ll find none of that here. Max doesn’t only show signs of intelligence but he also seems to have feelings. Yes, feelings ! WTF !? Is this a zom-rom-com ? Max gets jealous when men get close to Zoe (the woman he was obsessed with and tried to rape), he also shows signs of anger. To top it all, he doesn’t act like a zombie either : he runs, hides, uses doors, sneaks up on people, hides bodies and talks !! He is the worst zombie ever portrayed and it almost angered me because when you’re supposedly making a remake of a classic movie like Day of the Dead, the bare minimum is to have good zombies to at least show a little respect.

I suppose the director’s intention was to say something (what, I’m not sure) about rape but it is a failure on every level. Bloodline can’t even get zombies right which is an absolute shame when you’re making a freaking zombie movie ! The only positive thing I can say about it is that the gore effects are well done but that only means that the only competent people on set were the special effects artists. Avoid this terrible movie at all cost, it is not worth your time.


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