Review : A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 : The Dream Child (1989)

Another year, another Nightmare on Elm Street sequel ! The Dream Child, the fifth installment, was released in 1989 and was directed by Stephen Hopkins. The previous protagonists, Nancy and Kristen having been killed by Freddy, we are now stuck with Alice, who was introduced in Part 4 : The Dream Master.

A year after the events of the previous film, Alice is graduating high school, in a relationship with Dan and there has been no sign of Freddy Krueger. Unfortunately, Alice is starting to have nightmares again and fears he might come back. Freddy of course returns and after he claims Dan’s life, Alice finds out she is pregnant. Freddy is using the foetus to gain power over Alice and the only way to stop him is to find Amanda Krueger’s spirit (Freddy’s mom) to help defeat him.

If my poor attempt at explaining the plot is not enough, let me clarify : this film makes no sense at all. There are too many plot holes and when the film does provide explanations, it not only lacks any logic, it also seems they chose the stupidest explanations they could come up with.

To make things worse, the acting is terrible and Freddy is no longer scary. His once great one-liners are now cringe-worthy. There is no scare in this film and only three kills, which is an absolute shame.

There are many aspects to complain about with The Dream Child. We witness Freddy’s birth and learn that he was born disfigured and burnt and more creature than human. This is in complete contradiction with the origin of the character given to us prior. We know that Freddy was burnt by the Elm Street parents who murdered him, which is no less than the very reason why he is eager to kill all the Elm Street children. This film just disregards the most basic aspect of its icon for no justifiable reason. Also, Freddy can apparently kill now without the need for the characters to fall asleep. When they do, it’s at the most inappropriate and impossible moments. Have you ever fallen asleep on a diving board seconds before getting ready to jump into a pool ? Yeah. Me neither.

The whole baby storyline, just like the rest of the film, makes little sense. Freddy can control Alice’s dreams using her unborn child because….babies dream. This is the only explanation we are given and we are supposed to accept such a stupid statement ?? This shows how little effort was put into the script. When Alice dreams or hallucinates (I don’t know…) her child, he is a 7 or 8 year-old boy because…why ? At this point, I have given up trying to make sense of the mess that is The Dream Child.

The Dream Child is the worst sequel to this point (and makes me reconsider how bad Tbe Dream Master was…it was bad, but not as bad as this one). It is a very mediocre film from all angles : terrible acting, terrible writing, barely any kills and a cringe-worthy comical Freddy who no longer scares anyone. Avoid this one at all cost.


3 thoughts on “Review : A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5 : The Dream Child (1989)

  1. The Dream Child was bad, for sure, but the next one, Freddy’s Dead…that is just the most horrendous, amateur, insulting-to-the-intelligence piece of garbage ever made. It is by far my most hated movie in any horror franchise (and I’ve seen Halloween Resurrection).

    As for the Dream Child, the one thing I like about it is the character (or rather the actress who plays her) of Alice. I know it’s probably heresy to say this but I actually prefer her to Kristen from part 3 (great though she was too). I liked the development of her from timid and self-conscious at the start of Part 4 to being a strong character who defends herself and the people she loves.

    Interesting review and thoughts as always.


    1. Thanks for the support, Dave 🙂 I’m going to watch Freddy’s Dead later today…your description makes me dread it even more (I don’t remember one bit of it so it will most likely be like a first viewing). I’m not a fan of Alice but Kristen wasn’t exactly wonderful herself in the last one so they’re all blah to me lol


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