I have been a cinephile since my teen years. Now, at 30 years-old, I feel like my love for cinema never ceases to increase. Over the years, horror has become my favorite genre, with a soft spot for 80’s slashers. Writing reviews and documenting my passion for films is a hobby I truly enjoy. Here are some facts if you would like to know more about me :

  • I first became interested in cinema when my Literature teacher showed us Citizen Kane in high school. We were studying Kafka’s The Trial and Welles’ adaptation of the book and our teacher wanted us to better understand Welles’ style. I was mesmerized by the images on the screen.
  • My Favorite genre is Horror, my favorite sub-genre is Slashers.
  • Some of my favorite films include (but a are not limited to) : A Bittersweet Life, Inglorious Basterds, Halloween, Evil Dead 2, Fright Night, Empire Strikes Back.
  • My favorite actors are Mads Mikkelsen and Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • My favorite directors are Denis Villeneuve and John Carpenter.
  • My favorite Universal monster is the Mummy.
  • My favorite TV shows are Hannibal and Game Of Thrones
  • This last one may be quite obvious : English is not my native language.