📚 Goosebumps Project #2

This second haul is a rather small one as I only found three Goosebumps books. I went to a thrift store that I had never been to before which turned out to be a gold mine for vintage books. Each book is 50 cents so I got quite a lot but unfortunately, they only had these three Goosebumps titles. I plan on going to this store every month.

Above, you can the three titles I found : Why I’m Afraid of Bees, Stay Out of the Basement and Return of the Mummy. I am quite pleased because they are in excellent condition. By visiting only two stores, I already own 16 Goosebumps titles so I have high hopes that I will have the complete series by the end of the year.

Below is the corresponding titles and numbers between the French and American versions of the books.


Chair de Poule VS Goosebumps

There will be less updates in the future as it is not worth it to write an article about only 2-3 titles. Next time, I’ll update you on the collection once I have found at least 10 new titles. Wish me luck !


📚 Goosebumps Project #1

As many horror fans, my love for the genre started back in my childhood (I’m a 90’s kid) with books and programs like Goosebumps, Tales From The Cryptkeeper, Creepy Crawlers, The X-Files etc…

I recently started a little project : I am trying to find the books that made an impression on me as a child. I am in the process of slowly but surely reconstructing my personal childhood library. Since those were among my absolute favourite books, I decided to start with the Goosebumps original series. To make things more interesting, I am solely focusing on the original editions of the series, published between 1995 and 2001. The French publication differs from the US publication as Goosebumps 2000 was integrated in the original series. The numbers are also different as well as the order of publication. For instance, the first book published in France is The Mummy’s Tomb which is Goosebumps #5.

These are the first books I found at a thrift store. They were 1€ a piece so I couldn’t resist and purchased all the ones they had on the shelf. I am not trying to find first editions as it would be way too complicated but these are all part of the publication time frame I am focusing on.

Here is a list I compiled of all the titles shown above. The list shows the French title and number as well as the original American title and number corresponding for each book.